“Why” is the driving force that leads our actions.

Thinking about most of my failures, I realized the reasons weren’t about what I should have done. I knew everything about the steps. What made me fail was a weak inner motivation.

Having a strong why helps overcome anything: clarify goals, set priorities, push through setbacks.

I did it successfully with my body, for example.

I’ve always been skinny since I was a kid. One day I bottomed down with my bad feelings, so I promised myself I would never be like this again in my life.

I ignited a change.

It happened almost two years ago, and I crushed my goals since then. I can still feel the passion burning hard 🔥 inside me.

So why I do what I do?

The question reminds me of Simon Sinek’s TED talk’s incipit, “Start with Why.”

Talking about my writing commitment, I sucked at creating content until now. I’ve never written before, and I felt limited.

By writing, I force myself to reflect more and publicly share my thoughts, leading to becoming a better person. I can experiment and stop overthink ideas. I also hope to be of help to someone.

But while these are benefits, I write because I want to shape my future.

To my future self, find your why.

Why I write, inspired by the Golden Circle

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