Tired of working for someone else

The mega camp is over; I’ve come back home.

We talked a lot and did many things, but I slept around 5 hours/day, so I now feel pretty weak. I should recharge my batteries.

For those reasons, I didn’t manage to write these days, and this hurt me a lot.

I know I’ve written about this possibility in the Sunday post, I didn’t have much time for me, and I don’t believe it is my fault.

Anyway, I decided to pay up a few bucks for my missed updates. Check the donation post here.

These days left me mentally exhausted also.

Lately, what I’ve been thinking the most is that I’m tired of working for someone else.

I’m usually passionate about what I do, but I think I lost the sparkle. Boredom, unclear objectives, and the absence of opportunities to develop me further are the issues.

The reason why I still stay there is partly affective, mainly economic. Let’s say 25% the first, 75% the latter.

But I already know the answer.

Working on this little blog gives me joy, so I will work hard on my projects in the next months to become more independent and eventually be economically free.

I prefer to work for myself than for someone else.


PS: I also did some edits here and there. For example, updated the website security by changing the author slug (so that malicious people can’t scrap the login) and removed the author page from the search engines.

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