Hey, Mattia here 👋

I’m the founder of The Maker Journey & the maker behind cool products.

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My story in a nutshell

Freelance marketer turned indie-maker.

Why choose?

My story shows that I’ve never had only one interest or passion.

Born in tech, I studied as a developer and graduated in IT Engineering, but somewhat worked as a graphic designer. In 2016 I decided to pursue a digital nomad life and become a marketer freelance.

After procrastinating on my digital nomad dream for six years, in 2022 I grew a Twitter audience and leaped from freelancing to building my solo business as an indie maker.

My parents raised me with pasta and football; I enjoy techno music, don’t drink coffee, and Italian pizza is my soul.

Interviews around the web

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Let’s grow together

Learn with me the steps to get off the treadmill and build your own business.

I love helping people by sharing my journey’s learnings.