What’s in the oven


Leaped to pursue indie-making.

Growing my projects in public.

Making friends on Twitter (say Hi!).


The Maker Journey

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Database of Tweet Prompts

Overcome writer’s block and come up with tweets the easy way.

Simple Weekly Tasks Planner

Stay on top of your productivity in minutes with this Notion template.

What is an Indie Maker?

Contributed to the website with the Italian translation.

The Graveyard

Codename Runway
A tool to evaluate whether to leap into entrepreneurship or not.

UTM Generator
Free tool to manage and store all the UTM links.

Maintenance service for Italian Shopify store owners.


In the queue

On Writing Well
William Zinsser

$100M Offers
Alex Hormozi

Obviously Awesome
April Dunford


Find Joy in Chaos
Kevon Cheung

The Indie Maker Handbook
Pieter Levels

The Minimalist Entrepreneur
Sahil Lavingia


A lot of pizza.

Pizza is my passion.

Have you ever seen a pizza wall?