Projects 👋

In one bite

🌱 Growing my side projects in public

📢 Expanding my Twitter audience

💪 Creating marketing strategies for other companies

Here’s what I’m doing

Read more about what I’m currently cooking.

As a maker

Database of Tweet Prompts

Overcome the writer’s block and come up with tweets the easy way. It’s free.

Simple Weekly Tasks Planner

Stay on top of your productivity in minutes with this free Notion template.

UTM Generator

Building a free UTM Generator tool that will help you handle all your links without the need to save them somewhere. Join the waiting list and I’ll notify you once it’s ready!


Running a maintenance service for Italian Shopify store owners.

As a freelance


Developing strategies and solving technical marketing gaps with seniority as a Marketing Operations Specialist until August 2022.

Network Propaganda

Providing marketing consultancy for an Italian event agency for shopping malls, as a Marketing Specialist.

What I’m reading

  • The Minimalist Entrepreneur, by Sahil Lavingia
  • Find Joy in Chaos, by Kevon Cheung
  • The Honest Guide to Indie Making, by Kyleigh @bagelsangranola

In case you want more

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