Starting now: a commitment with myself

This is my first blog post.

It is the first time I write a piece of content, and I’ve decided to commit myself.

2020 is the year of change, and so am I.

It’s been years I’m dealing with procrastination, and I finally want to do something for me. I know this will push me hard outside my comfort zone, and if you already have experienced this yourself, you know why.

I want to write every day, so the rules are simple:

  • show up,
  • write a piece of content (no matter if it’s small or long, I’ll follow my feelings),
  • become better.

To hold myself accountable, if I miss a day, I’ll donate $20 or support another creator, uploading the proof with a backdated blog post.

Thank you, Pat Walls, for having inspired me with this idea. I’ll always look forward to your work.

I’m starting this with no audience, no personal brand, nothing but my commitment, on a website with my name. You know what? It’s scary as hell.

Let’s see what happens!

If you want to support, please consider buying me a beer.

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