Time is the measurement unit of our lives. Everything revolves around those 60 seconds, multiplied endlessly.

Without time, we will not be able to arrange a meeting with someone. Imagine waiting for your friend indefinitely because he didn’t know when he should have come.

We postpone things later based on time:

  • “Yeah, I know I should get fit, but I’ll start the diet on Monday!”
  • “That project? Yes, I’ll check it tomorrow.”

But we also feel guilty if we spend our time doing nothing rather than chase our goals.

I don’t have time.

We hear this regularly. Being busy has become a competitive sport where time is the most used excuse.

Let’s say you encounter your friend John cry. You figure you don’t have time to listen to what happens, because you should go. So you tell him that you’ll meet in the next days, but then you’ll never call back. The problem is you didn’t care.

Time may appear slow, or it can go fast.

Einstein determined that time is relative, and the rate at which time passes depends on your frame of reference.

When we are children, there’s a lot of time ahead; when we grow up, we think there is still; one day is over, and we realize it’s too late.

I never said “I love you” to my parents.

I have to make the most of this opportunity as long as I have the chance.

Time is the only resource we cannot accumulate.

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