November 2021 Retrospective

A wise man told me to treat my Twitter profile as a landing page.

As a marketer, I ❤️ metrics, and I usually don’t optimize before understanding them.

So I’m going to be open about the Twitter metrics of my first “real” committed month.

Here’s the November overview!

Think about tweets as the top of the funnel, while followers as the bottom.

It’s not about the follower’s number.

It’s about good tweets → high impressions → conversion rates.

Let’s see the metrics. 👇



This is astounding for my standard.

It’s a 1200% increase in tweets compared to October. 🚀

And it’s also the month where I learned about:

✅ consistency
✅ connections

There is no need to do ‘more’ right now, but I certainly can do ‘better’.

I would try to create tweets in advance because I publish live most of the time.



No tweet has gone viral, of course, and with around ~150 followers at the time, the median is 100 impressions each.

Indeed it’s not accurate btw, as very few people saw most of the replies.

The main tweets were about ~60, and some did fairly well.

Here’s an extract of the best November tweets sorted by impressions.

When big accounts interact, there’s a high chance of more impressions.

Goal: connect with large accounts!

Profile visits


This is interesting. It’s a high number compared to other metrics I saw on Twitter.

It means a 21.35% click rate if we call it like this.

New followers


The conversion rate from profile visits to new followers is ~1% (1.13)

A sour CR compared to the 4% standard of large accounts.

Sum up

The good 👍

I’m having fun, and I grew a lot!

Both the photo and my replies below other people’s tweets spark curiosity.

The bad 👎

I would say I don’t care about the follower’s number, but it won’t be true.

I lose many people, probably due to a weak proposal on my (landing page) profile. To improve.

Thanks for reading.

Feel free to follow me @heymattia and support me during my Twitter journey!

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