I failed. Here’s the wrap-up about my writing habit.

Some months ago, I was excited to start a writing habit.

I failed.

Want to know what I learned?

I’ve never had a blog before, but when I found that some people were writing successfully as a habit, I thought it was cool and jumped on the bandwagon.

It seemed the turning point of my life.

Needless to say, I didn’t reach the 30 days mark.

Writing a blog post every day was challenging and made me sweat every. f*cking. time.

As I wasn’t enjoying the process, I struggled with motivation day in and day out.

So I quit.

At this point, anyone would’ve left.

But months after quitting my commitment, I realized that actually…

I had no plan.
I had no goal.
I had no vision.

Even if it wasn’t crystal clear to me at first, it happened for a reason.

Drove by the excitement, I skipped the homework and started off the bat without having a clear purpose.

But I derailed as soon as the excitement vanished.

Of course, overplanning is never a solution because it leads anywhere but to the analysis-paralysis dark hole, where the procrastination monster wins. And we don’t want to, right?

So how do we take the driver’s seat and push through our goals?

By knowing the why!

The WHY is the engine behind our successes.

It may seem obvious, but I find a lack of a bulletproof reason if I look over failures.

Indeed, my main achievements all come from moments when I said: “Ok, I’ve had enough. I don’t want to _____ no more”.

I know it’s an anti goal, but it worked well for me!

For example, this is also why I’m not a skinny guy anymore. I’ve had enough to be bony, and I will not ever be again in my life.

“When something is important enough, you do it even if the odds are not in your favor.”

Elon Musk

So to wrap up, I’m happy to have stopped it. It didn’t give me joy, and I feel relieved now.

It was an interesting experiment tho.

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