April 2024 in review: Goals Achieved and Lessons Learned

Starting this year, at the end of each month, I reflect on the lessons learned as homework for being in the Indie Mastermind community.

However, I’ve never posted them before.

But this might help others take the same steps, so why not?

Here you go, then.

April’s goals

Project Invictus

✅ Ship beta
❌ Stop using the codename and go with the official name
❌ Publish the landing
❌ Start selling it

Other activities

✅ Send 4 newsletters for The Maker Journey
✅ Don’t spend more than 1 hour/day on 𝕏

Lessons learned in April

These are the indie lessons I learned in April from my journey.

Building things is a rollercoaster

Finally, getting the MVP out there felt great, but boy, it came with its challenges.

Building stuff is tough—emotionally more than anything. And each hiccup taught me something crucial about what works and what doesn’t.

But I need mechanisms in place to stay level-headed and keep pushing through, no matter what the day throws at me.

Going forward, it’s about taking these lessons and not beating myself up over them.

Tackling perfectionism

This month slapped me with the reality that my perfectionism isn’t doing me any favors.

Working on meaningless details in my app slows me down a lot. It’s better to focus on what truly matters and move on rather than getting stuck on minor issues.

Perfection can wait. Progress can’t.

Engagement is a love-hate relationship

April was a bit of a wake-up call on how I handle social media.

Some tweets went viral, which was exciting because it increased exposure, but it also led to an overload.

Managing every notification is no longer feasible, so I have to find another way to process them (replying 1:1 is overwhelming).

Staying active

Regular workouts and outdoor time helped me recharge and stay focused, especially after intense work periods.

However, there were moments, particularly in the later weeks, where increased Twitter activity due to viral tweets significantly affected my routine and focus.

This was a good reminder to balance work and health.

Next goals for May

App’s (that I don’t want to call Project Invictus anymore) goals:

  • Start selling it
  • Buy the domain and spin up the logo
  • Publish the landing page

Other activities

  • Send 4 newsletters for The Maker Journey
  • Don’t spend more than 1 hour/day on 𝕏

For my indie collab with Luca (as announced here):

  • Come up with the name
  • Launch the project’s waiting list

So, that’s it!

Let’s see what May will look like 🤞

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