The MVP of my first app is ready

I did it, and I’m so excited!

The MVP of my first app is finally ready to test!

A few months ago, I had the idea and started working on this new product.

It took 4 months from the idea stage to the Minimum Valuable Product, but only 40 days from zero code to today.

What I don’t have (yet):

⬜ a logo
⬜ a login page
⬜ a settings page

What I have so far:

✅ create stunning tweets starting from a newsletter article
🚧 more article sources
🚧 write tweets directly

It’s called an MVP because it does only one thing. But there’s more to come.

Now, I’m rolling out a few beta access…

If you have a newsletter and want to try it, just ping me anytime and mention this blog post.

I’m giving access to small batches at a time because I need granularity to collect feedback and iterate (also, can’t afford to spend millions on AI costs).

Anyway, how cool is it to have an idea and then see it in the world?

Real work starts now!

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