Do you care about your subscribers?

Lately, I’ve been busy building and launching two apps.

I had no time to write a proper newsletter.

But the latest article from my friend Kim got me thinking…

Usually, “we hear from marketers when there’s a launch,” and then nothing for months. It feels like they don’t care at all.

Do I want to be seen as a greedy marketer?” followed up promptly in my head.

Of course not.

So, I went against the grain and sent a different email today.

I asked my subscribers a genuine question:

“What are you working on?”

Because I care. Because I love having convos w/them.

And it’s not always about teaching or selling, but true, meaningful relationships.

Is this a flawed POV? 🤔

What’s the last time you cared about your subscribers?

Preview of the email scheduled on ConvertKit

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