February 2022 Retrospective

Every month, I remind myself to keep an eye on Twitter analytics.

There is a thin line between enjoying the journey and forgetting about the final destination.

So here’s my February in retrospect:

📝 708 tweets
📢 110K impressions
🎯 80 net new followers
🥳 much fun

Impressions and Tweets

If you tell me I’d have this growth back in 2021, I wouldn’t believe you.

I go for friends. I’m as genuine and supportive as possible. And these open metrics speak for themselves.


But every good journey has its ups and downs.

Truth is, I lost many followers during the month. And you know what — 🤷‍♂️ who cares! I wouldn’t enjoy what I do if I fell over them.

February’s best tweets

This month’s best tweet is about me reaching the achievement of tweeting for 100 consecutive days:

  • 14927 impressions
  • 369 engagements
  • 199 profile clicks

While the second-best tweet of the month is a half-flame:

  • 14782 impressions
  • 153 engagements
  • 53 profile clicks

Wrap up

This is really a short one. No further analysis, no obsess over data. February was a transitional month between old habits and new goals.

With this retrospective, I want to inspire people who were like me some months ago.

If you want to dig further, you can check January’s overview.

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