You are not a label

Why do we identify ourselves using labels?

I like.

I do.

I follow.

I listen.

I debate.

Not “I am this” or that.

So the real question is: why should we identify in something?

I am what I am; I do not belong to a political party; I do not recognize myself in a singer or a genre; I’m not a job.

I do, I follow, I listen.

We define labels to set boundaries, but they inevitably influence us.

For example, we say we are straight men, instead of telling others that we like women.

In the LGBTQ collective, they strive to represent other minorities, adding letters to their acronym. But being defined by terms puts a label right on your head, creating even more minorities for those who don’t belong to them.

Replace labels and live mind free on this beautiful planet.

Tell others what you like or do, not who you are.

You’re not a label. Especially not a label defined by others.

Daniel Vassallo, on Twitter

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