Writing an article shouldn’t be this hard

Today’s is a tough day.

I know that creating habits is not that easy, even more so when perfectionism kicks in.

I spent the day doing things like work calls, invoices, social media plans, gym workout, but I always had the feeling that something wasn’t working the way it should. My mind was full of thoughts about what I may have written on today’s blog post.

Should I write about my work experience, or would be better around goals achievements? What are doing other creators? Let me check; I may find inspiration.

Meanwhile, the clock is ticking.

I felt the pressure going on me, and I know I had to act somehow.

But instead of forcing me in any way, I stared at the sunset from my balcony. Then, BAM, I’ve got the idea.

I finally started writing about my feelings, sharing the difficulties I’m encountering along the way. And I should say that this one is also a good article for me, so what?!

Why do I care so much about such a small thing as a blog article? There are many days to come, many opportunities, and tomorrow is another day.

Maybe I’ll start writing in the morning, instead of waiting the night. Do first the most important thing, they say.

To my future self, to who will read this, don’t let the analysis paralysis blocks you. You’ll end overthinking the available possibilities, and soon enough, you’ll be unable to decide something.

Follow your gut.

PS: today, I also connected Google Analytics and made some slight edits to the website. Small goals, FTW!

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