Why people fake their overnight success stories?

One thing I don’t miss about social media is people faking their overnight success stories.

I never understood the reasons why.

If you take a close look over X/Twitter, you might see people growing their businesses incredibly fast. They do the right things at the right time, fast-paced, and you can’t reach them in any way.

That’s great, don’t get me wrong.

Except some of them fuel their overnight success stories with bullshits.

Why the overnight thing is so important? Why do they need to state it only took them a few weeks?

That’s ridiculous.

I’m sluggish as hell, but my results are awful compared to theirs.

Are they better than me? Maybe.

Do they focus on one or two activities that matter the most? Sure.

Yet, the whole story they hide is how much time they spent working and failing before getting there—usually, it’s been years, not a few weeks.

They made them up intentionally.

They omit the information, so you only see a snapshot instead of the picture in motion.

(The overnight success sells better.)

Take those stories with a grain of salt.

Each journey is unique; it requires time to strike luck.

Initially, you could even feel an inspirational boost, but exposure to comparisons is harmful in the long run. I know it because I’ve been through this before; stress builds up until you doubt what you’re doing, and things fall apart.

If you compare successes — because you will do it anyway — paint the whole picture in your head. Avoid getting tricked.

And stop overconsuming content.

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