My post-burnout Manifesto

“I Have a Dream,” said Martin Luther King Jr. during the speech at the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom.

Do you know why it has become so memorable?

Because King pursued his vision, led the civil rights movement, and left a mark on the world forever.

Actions speak louder than words, my friend.

Speaking of which, you might already know I burned out earlier this year.

I preached about creating a sustainable business for months, yet my activities were neither sustainable nor a business. No wonder I forgot to look after myself.

But after a long hiatus, I want to chase my dream again.

“I’m back.”, wrote Michael Jordan in his 1995 NBA comeback announcement—a two-word fax that said it all. He then lived up to expectations, and the rest is history.

“I promise,” states Mattia Righetti from the stage of this blog to the world.

No pressure, right?

This is my Manifesto, a public declaration of aims and policy not to hurt myself anymore.

You can bet on it!

* Upbeat music gradually playing from the background *

I promise

I’ll absolutely make time for:

  • Working out in the morning. It uplifts me, and it’s great to tick this activity off so early (otherwise, I skip it altogether).
  • Walking, even if there’s bad weather outside. It’s a need; my body needs it. Walking improves my mood, and my mind clears.
  • Cooking and eating at proper hours. A regular but flexible program is better than having lunch at 3 p.m. and dinner at midnight.
  • Sleeping “early” to wake up earlier. I’m always a night owl, but a healthier sleeping schedule makes me feel energetic.
  • Friends & activities because no one will give me back this time.

won’t work in the evening or think about the business at night. Me-time is precious; “work” is just a chunk of daily time. My personal and professional identities should remain detached as they did in the past (when freelancing).

I’ll take time off regularly and mind that when I’m out, I’m out—fully present in the moment.

won’t force myself into clocking more hours to seek success earlier. It takes time to make money, so little to toss health away. No greediness.

I’ll do my best to limit content consumption and content exposure. Scrolling on social media or watching others burns me out; I constantly compare myself, get distracted, and waste time and energy.

I’ll make flexible schedules and plans: not rigid schemes, not just-in-time activities. Rush is a stressor. It’s better to do things in advance to lower the stakes.

It took me eleven months to heal and regain better habits; I won’t let life slip from my hands again. I promise.

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