Living the Instagram era

I barely understand why everything is so Instagram-centric nowadays. And I don’t say this because I’m “old” but rather because I don’t know how most people post photos of themselves or their activities with such consistency.

I try to spend my time living life, so if there is the opportunity to catch a photo or a video, then it’s fantastic, but I do mostly from my perspective. I’ve never bothered someone to take a picture of me, and no one shot it by chance neither. Yet I go out a lot, perhaps even more than my friends’ average.

It is probably a matter of priorities.

I still may be the old way too. I’m used to asking the mobile number instead of the Instagram profile. I don’t start chatting from there, nor I stalk between people’s stories. I keep old photos instead of archiving them because they are still part of my life, even after a relationship is over. And I also have been judged about this, “c’mon, it’s 2020, bro.”

Really should I care more about the first-impression or, worse, cancel my past only to look cool?

I feel out of the competition.

Followers number or how many likes we received doesn’t matter at the end of the day, at least for people who do not use social for business purposes like me.

Digital is my world. I have platforms knowledge, so the problem doesn’t sit here. It is I don’t care; they don’t have much importance in my life right now.

I want to understand why I feel stupid to confront me with those who publish photos of themselves rather than of a landscape—my problems.

I don’t judge. I ask myself questions that I cannot answer yet.

Sometimes I evaluate whether to delete my social profiles, but in the end, I know I’ll never do it, and I will go on my way based on how I feel the road under my feet.

Peace, always.

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