My Goals for 2024

I’m not a New Year’s resolutions guy, nor do I like to push the first few weeks and then give up altogether like people who hit the gym in January.

However, one of my close peers asked me what I wanted to work on throughout the year, so I had to figure it out.

Being under a six-month ultimatum, what better time?

The idea behind these goals is not to achieve them at all costs but to act as a roadmap for the next cycle of weeks and months.

Achieving all of them would stand as my best year ever.

Business related — want to:

  • Create and launch 10 apps & productsas stated here.
  • Earn $50k from my business (see goal above).
  • Reach 2000 subscribers for The Maker Journey. I’m sitting at 500 right now, meaning the goal is 4x the current subscribers.

Health & fun related — would be great to:

  • Travel four times; short or long holidays don’t matter, like going to Barcelona for a few days.
  • Do a week-long hike; there’s the Camino del Salento in southern Italy, 135km along the coast in six days, but I’m open to opportunities.
  • Bench 100kg; it’s 75kg for eight reps as of today, so I’m on track. I’ll need to increase it to 80 for the same reps to reach the 1RM goal.

Various — nice to:

  • Organize an IRL meetup with X/Twitter friends like Luca, Amer, and other cool guys I met during my Twitter times.
  • Have a call in Spanish; I’m still not confident enough, but it’d mean I learned it.

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