Doing or not

To do or not to do, this is the dilemma.

Today I’ve asked myself if I wanted to write or not. I had a lot of free time, though I procrastinated this task by reading a book, scrolling the news, and watching TV as I didn’t for a long time.

In the last few hours, I became aware that I’ve skipped a day because I wanted to; well, not literally because I’m typing this just now, but you got me.

Sometimes during the day, I felt like I had to. And I’ve asked myself why.

From what I can tell, I felt compelled.

It looks like we are so blind pursuing the goal that we lose our inner focus at a certain point.

Take a breath; it’s not a race.

When I realized this, it has made all the difference. And I wrote again with joy.

PS: I’ve seen Netflix’s new documentary, “The Social Dilemma.” Something crashed on me. I will try to share my vision tomorrow.

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