Dealing with uncertainty

These days I’m dealing with a lack of motivation because I don’t know where I’m going and which outcome I’m getting.

Sometimes I force myself to write things only to continue the streak, but I’m encountering difficulties that are hard to push through.

I feel like I don’t have a mission.

Just journaling doesn’t reward me enough, but I don’t have a clear vision of what I should talk about.

I may be too pretentious with myself lately. I would like to craft excellent articles quickly, well written, with a specific goal, and thinking little-to-nothing about it. I run high expectations when I have defined nothing.

Writing these posts helps me reflect out loud what is currently going on in my mind, even if sometimes in negative degrees.

Last week I started going through the Simple Habits course by Matt D’Avella’s Slow Growth Academy, and I’m introspecting a lot thanks to the exercises at the end of each lesson.

At first, I told myself I would’ve built a writing habit, but then I understood that my issue is about making and publishing things.

Yes, what I would like to do is building my projects! Writing is only a step of a more giant ladder.

In the past, I always found myself stuck just after starting something as if it does not matter to me. I know this is not about my knowledge, but it depends on some perfectionism block at a deeper procrastination level.

This drives me nuts.

As Anne-Laure Le Cunff said, our heart, head, and hands should be aligned. If I would like to feel great again, there is something between the head and the soul that I should fix. Or maybe I don’t have the right skills to go through this monster alone.

To conclude, I’ll go forward until the 30th day, then I’ll try to understand whether to pivot or continue writing these posts.

Credits: @mymind

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