A practical plan to grow on Twitter

“So I don’t have to tweet more to be seen more on Twitter?”

“Is tweeting once a day enough to grow my account?”

No, and yes.

I will explain to you why.

Following my last post, If I were to start on Twitter from scratch, I decided to turn it into practical steps to follow to grow on Twitter.

It’s the same process I used to grow my Twitter account from 71 (most inactive) followers to 2160 followers as of today.

Here’s what I would do if I were to restart on Twitter again.

Unlearn what you believe to grow your Twitter account

If your last five tweets range from 28 to 160 impressions, stop what you’re doing.

No one sees your tweets.

I know it hurts, but it’s actually a positive thing.

The sooner you understand how Twitter works, the sooner you start growing.

If no one sees your tweets, putting out more tweets won’t help.

I’ve been there too before learning how social media works, tweeting three times a day with less than 100 impressions on average.

Posting once per day is enough to make sure your profile shows up on the feed (more on this later).

❌ Don’t: Give up.
✅ Do: Read the following steps to grow on Twitter.

1) Aim for consistency

Showing up every day is incredibly powerful.

I built my audience with one tweet per day for the last 408 days straight.

While most people tend to quit, I keep showing up and growing.

Once per day but consistently is enough to grow on Twitter; you don’t need more.

Would you follow someone who tweets three times a day, then disappear for three days, or rather someone who’s always active day after day?

❌ Don’t: Tweet 3 times a day, and then nothing for three days.
✅ Do: Tweet once a day for the next 7-30-100-365 days.

💡 Bonus: Write 10 tweets around a topic and schedule them over the next 7-10 days.

Need help figuring out what to write?

I’ve got you covered.

With the Database of Tweet Prompts, you can write 10+ tweets in no time and show up consistently.

It’s a curated selection of prompts and examples to overcome writer’s block and craft tweets in minutes.

2) Give more than you ask

You want people to engage with you; you want eyeballs on your tweets, but you’re not doing anything for others.

This is what I mean in terms of growing relationships.

Looking back to my first months, I reached the turning point when I started showing up consistently under other people’s tweets.

This is how you make friends online.

Some people blame me because my tweets have engagement, but they don’t see I went from 0 to 14k tweets with less than 600 tweets posted on my timeline. It means that more than 13k tweets are replies!

Replying to others is also easier than writing your tweets; instead of checking for resources, it is more like continuing the conversation.

Don’t: Tweet and disappear from the platform.
Do: 15+ replies a day.

💡 Bonus: Bookmark 15-20 small accounts only a few steps ahead of you, and visit their timeline once a day.

3) Free more of your time

You should focus on building relationships, right?

Then you can’t distract by coming up with tweets.

Or what if you have a tough day and can’t write a tweet?

You don’t want to lose your streak.

Although some people see them as the end of social media, scheduling your tweets gives you more time to focus on others and engage with them consistently.

There’s no shame in it.

I use Typefully to schedule my tweets.

It’s an incredible tool made by two fellow digital nomads, has a great interface, and doesn’t cost a fortune.

Typefully has a free plan, but you can schedule only 1 or 2 tweets at a time, so I suggest going paid without breaking the bank.

Initially, you can also use the Twitter web scheduler.

Don’t: Think every day about what to write.
Do: Schedule your tweets in advance.

💡 Bonus: Batch your writings to create more tweets in less time.


See how we didn’t talk about how to write tweets or replies?

Focus on a simple plan instead.

✅ Tweet once per day
✅ Reply to 15+ tweets per day
✅ Make friends
✅ Get ideas from the Database of Tweet Prompts
✅ Schedule your tweets with Typefully

And if you ever have doubts, drop me a line!

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