Get customers from Twitter without being a marketing expert.

1:1 Mentorship program to help you stand out on Twitter and bring raving fans to your product launches.

Christine Trac

“I have learned a ton from Mattia.
Whoever you mentor is going to have a life-changing experience!”

– Christine Trac

Tailored to your needs

What’s behind the 1:1 Mentorship calls

You apply to the form

I see if we are a good fit

We define a strategy plan

You create buzzing launches!

Launching a product is not a breeze

Did this happen to you as well?

Tweets get 3 likes 🥲

Marketing strategies = hassle 😰

No one cares 😣

0 customers after a month of hard work 😤

You don’t win people’s attention and your launch fails.

Get seen and generate a buzzing launch

Skipping the steps won’t work (unless you’re Marina Polinova).

Launching on Twitter is easy once you know the right framework.

Hear what other makers have to say

Kevon Cheung

Kevon Cheung, Public Lab

Creators have to teach and Mattia is good at breaking things down to make it easy for others to learn. That’s a strength 🤜🏻🤛🏻

Arya Nanal

Arya Nanal

I’ve bought a lot of digi products ever since I started my whole content creation journey — but Mattia’s are like the best ones I’ve come across. Like, pure practical value. Zero bs.

Maha Ahmed

Maha Ahmed

What I love the most is that Mattia didn’t give a “full sentences template.” Not that it’s bad, but his way of doing it helps us be more independent and free from “ready-made formulas.”

Get the keys for your next launch

Turn from a spectator into a player.

Validate your ideas

Test things and double down on what works.

Build trust before the launch.

Understand the game

Enjoy the process even if you don’t have a marketing background.

Pave the way for the big day.

Get more eyeballs

Write engaging tweets without baiting or scrappy sales strategies.

Generate buzz around your product.

Is this Mentorship for you?

You don’t need 10k followers.

Works at every stage: here’s what my previous launches on Twitter looks like.

Mattia Righetti

Hey, I’m Mattia

  • In 2022, I grew my Twitter followers from 200 to +2200 being myself and making friends.
  • I created and launched 3 products on Twitter and got more than 1500 customers in less than 6 months.
  • I reached the first 100 subscribers for The Maker Journey in the launch week and the first 300 in 90 days.
  • Previously, I worked for 6 years as a marketing freelance and helped a startup grow from $1M to $10M with launches and marketing strategies.
Sanat Mohanty

“Been following the BTS of Mattia’s journey.
He builds in public—not to build audience but to make genuine friends.”

– Sanat Mohanty, Launchbrew

Stand out on Twitter and bring raving fans for your product launch

Enrollments now open!

Only 5 spots available

* upon approval

1:1 Mentorship program

Launch price



  • Work with Mattia on your plan
  • Kick-off session
  • Three 1:1 calls at your own pace
  • Build trust for the launch
  • Get your product seen
  • Actionable tips
  • Tailored on your needs

You won’t pay anything at this stage.

Mentorship starts from January 10, 2023.

Why a 1:1 program and not a course?

I thought the best way to help people with product launches was a marketing book, but I was wrong.

Right now, I don’t believe in just giving you a generic course where you don’t get all the nuances of this framework.

Different people have different needs.

That’s why I’m committed to solving your struggles and tailoring the experience for you.

We will go at your own pace to help you master product launches on Twitter!

Kickstart your 2023
and supercharge your launches 🚀

Enrollments open at a 50% discount.

Special launch price for January’s enrollments.

“IMHO this is what every indie-hacker needs.”

– Amer Sikira, EngagementBuilder

Mattia Righetti © 2022

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